Allstate Medicare Supplements – A Sleeping Giant

Every annual enrollment period (AEP), we do 100s of reviews for our existing clients as well as new clients. During this time there’s been one theme that has reoccurred over and over again. And that is that Allstate, a once sleeping giant, is now basically the lowest Medicare supplement rate no matter where you look. And we’ve tested 100s of zip codes. Of those 100s, Allstate was in the top 5 lowest premium every single time!

Not only are they the lowest costing, but they also have an A+ rating by both AM Best and S&P, the 2 financial rating companies that rate Medicare supplement carriers. This is inline with the Medicare Nationwide philosophy which is broken down into 4 key elements. Those are:

  1. Rating of the company
  2. Years in the market
  3. Rate increases history
  4. Premium

Allstate checks off all 4 pillars with flying colors with their A+ rating, 57 years in the market, average rate increases under 2%, and often the lowest premium available.

It’s important to remember that Medicare supplements are Federally standardized. That means that a Plan G with one carrier, MUST be the same as a Plan G with another carrier. No matter which carrier you have, your Medicare supplement is accepted by ALL Medicare doctors, hospitals and facilities nationwide without the need for referrals. This is because Medicare is your primary which is the most important factor when choosing a Medicare plan!


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Below are 4 rate comparisons for random zip codes, genders and ages for the Plan G. You will notice that Allstate is never below position 2. This is rare to find for A+ rated carriers. It’s usually the lower rated carriers that are cutting corners somewhere that allow them to have their rates this low!

Zip Code: 37013, State: TN, Age: 70, Gender: Male, Plan: G


Allstate Medicare Supplement Male-70-37013-TN


Zip Code: 80014, State: CO, Age: 77, Gender: Female, Plan: G

Allstate Medicare Supplement Female-77-80014-CO


Zip Code: 76113, State: TX, Age: 70, Gender: Female, Plan: G

Allstate Medicare Supplement Female-70-76113-TX


Zip Code: 60652, State: IL, Age: 65, Gender: Female, Plan: G

Allstate Medicare Supplement Female-65-IL-60652


We thought it important to get this article out before the Annual Enrollment Period ends on December 7th, 2022. We would HIGHLY suggest that you give us a call to see how much you can save with Allstate in your area. We can be reached directly at 1-888-559-0103. Or you can simply enter your information into the form on this page. Thanks for reading!