Cigna to Medco: What Lies Ahead for Medicare Supplement Policyholders

CHLIC to MCLIC Transition: Quick Guide

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company (CHLIC) will be replaced by Medco Containment Life Insurance Company (MCLIC) as the insurer of their Medicare Supplement insurance policies. To know more about the transition click here.

Policyholders will be notified about the transition through formal notices starting March 15, 2024 in some states and will continue until next year.

Who is MCLIC?

Medco Containment Health Insurance Company (MCLIC), also recognized as Medco Health Solutions, Inc or MHS, has been at the forefront of mail-order pharmaceutical sales in the United States since its establishment in 2003. The company has consistently provided its members with health insurance plans that meet their prescription needs.

What MEDCO Offers

This company offers the same Medicare Supplement insurance plan, also called a Medigap Plan, which is a separate policy that works with Medicare Parts A and B and helps you manage your medical costs.

Medicare Supplement insurance helps in covering certain eligible medical expenses that Medicare does not cover. There is no out-of-pocket-max protecting you with Original Medicare, which makes the supplement an important addition to your Medicare.


Medigap Plan Benefits

Freedom to Choose: You have the freedom to visit any Medicare-accepting doctor without the need for provider networks or referrals, allowing you to see the doctors you’re familiar with and trust.

Lifetime Guarantee: Your policy will be renewed if premiums are paid on time, and your rate won’t increase due to health changes. Premiums may change annually based on your policy type or state regulations.

Value for Your Money: By guaranteeing that you receive exceptional care and support at a reasonable cost, a Medigap Plan provides outstanding value for your money. Plus, eligible clients may qualify for a household premium discount.

Transparency: With, you may view your benefit and claim details online. You may review claims, print a temporary ID card, change your contact details, and set up automatic premium payments on your phone, tablet, or computer at any time or location.



MCLIC’s customer programs provide additional benefits to their plans.

24-hour Health Information Line: If you need advice on a medical treatment or have a health-related query, you may always get live assistance from a nurse.

Vision discounts: Get discounts on regular vision services such as exams and eyeglasses at over 20,000 locations across the country.

Hearing discounts: Get savings on top-brand hearing aids, plus enjoy a 40%  discount on diagnostic services and testing at over 3,500 locations.

Health and wellness discounts : Enjoy savings on popular weight and nutrition programs.

Fitness club and equipment discounts: Save on enrollment fees and/or monthly dues.


Medco Containment Health Insurance Company (MCLIC) Medicare Supplement Plan Coverage

MEDCO - Medigap Plan Policy Benefits

In certain US states, MCLIC provides Medicare Supplement Plans that are standardized. To fully understand the coverage that its plans offer, refer to this chart.


MCLIC FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:


No, there will be no impact to coverage or value-added services for policyholders.

Any doctor that accepts Medicare patients can be chosen. Referrals or provider networks are not necessary. As a result, you can visit doctors who you have trust in.

Yes, 80% after a $250 deductible for emergencies only. There is a lifetime reserve of $50,000.00 and you have to return to the United States within 60 days for it to be covered.

Yes. Due to licensing rules in the state of New York, CHLIC policyholders who are New York residents are exempt from the transition at this time.

Will policyholders be able to continue to see the same providers that they do currently after the transfer?


Medicare Supplement  Plan Premium Average Cost Monthly

Rates can vary based on where you live. We have provided illustrative rates, and you might find your location cheaper or more expensive.

The below rates were generated from ZIP code 94027 in Arthenton, CA, for females aged 65. Rates vary based on ZIP Code, Gender, Age, and, in some areas, Health.

Plan F$201.40
Plan G$165.06
Plan N$129.54


The below rates were generated from ZIP code 77010 in Houston, TX, for females aged 65. Rates vary based on ZIP Code, Gender, Age, and, in some areas, Health.

Plan F$237.22
Plan G$163.21
Plan N$131.79


The below rates were generated from ZIP code 33418 in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, for females aged 65. Rates vary based on ZIP Code, Gender, Age, and, in some areas, Health.

Plan F$288.62
Plan G$251.61
Plan N$192.50

Note: This rate is for illustrative purposes and is subject to change.


Exclusions and Limitations 

There will be no duplication of benefits provided by Medicare with this coverage. The total benefits under this policy plus Medicare benefits will not be more than 100% of the actual costs spent that qualify for Medicare. Benefits under these policies won’t be paid for:

  • The Medicare Part B Deductible (not applicable in plans F and High Deductible F);
  • Any expense which you are not legally obligated to pay; or services for which no charge is normally made in the absence of insurance;
  • Any services that are not medically necessary as determined by Medicare;
  • Any portion of any expense for which payment is made by Medicare or other government programs (except Medicaid); or for which payment would have been made by Medicare if you were enrolled in Part A and Part B of Medicare;
  • Any type of expense not a Medicare eligible expense except as provided for in the policy; and
  • Any deductible, coinsurance or copayment not covered by Medicare, unless such coverage is listed as a benefit in the policy.


Pre Existing Conditions

During the first six months of coverage, pre existing condition-related costs are not covered by these policies. But if the policy is granted in guaranteed issue status, if you had creditable coverage for at least six months prior to applying, or if the policy is replacing another Medicare Supplement policy and the waiting period has already passed, then this exclusion does not apply. The application must be submitted with documentation of previous coverage or replacement.

The pre-existing condition limitation will be modified by the whole amount of creditable coverage if your previous creditable coverage lasted less than six months. Credit will be granted for any portion of the waiting period that has already been completed in the event of a policy replacement. A preexisting condition is any medical condition for which a doctor has advised treatment or provided guidance during the six months prior to the policy’s effective date.


Household Discount

The household discount pertains to a reduction in premium available when multiple individuals from your residence are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement policy offered by or through an affiliate of Medco Containment Health Insurance Company. A household is defined as a condominium unit, single-family home, or an apartment unit within an apartment complex, excluding assisted living facilities, group homes, adult day care facilities, nursing homes, or any other residential health facility.

If the other policyholder whose enrollment status qualifies you for the discount no longer resides with you or ceases to hold a Medicare Supplement policy through Medco Containment Health Insurance Company or its affiliate, the household premium discount will be discontinued. However, in the event of their passing, your discount will remain applicable. Adjustments to the discount status will occur in the billing cycle following notification of eligibility changes.


In summary

Medco Containment Health Insurance Company (MCLIC) offers a comprehensive Medicare Supplement insurance plan designed to provide peace of mind and financial protection against high medical costs.

With benefits such as freedom to choose your own healthcare providers, guaranteed renewal, and valuable discounts on health-related services, Medco stands out for its commitment to exceptional customer service and transparent coverage options.

Learn more about the Medco Supplement Insurance Plans by connecting directly with one of our trusted agents.

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