Is Loyal American Part Of Cigna?

Sometimes when you are doing your research for Medicare products such as Medicare Supplements, you run across a company you’ve never heard of before. Loyal American insurance fits the bill. You are probably aware of all the big names in the industry like Aetna, Humana and Cigna. But Loyal American? Just because a company name is less well known doesn’t mean that company doesn’t provide great competitive products. Many times that unfamiliar name may be a subsidiary of a bigger player. That is the case with Loyal American. In this article, we will discuss the history and products of Loyal American and their connection to Cigna.

Who is Loyal American Insurance?

Loyal American Life Insurance company was founded in 1955. Today, Loyal American became part of the Cigna family and is operated as a subsidiary in Austin Texas.

Cigna primarily uses Loyal American to distribute many versions of their Medicare Supplement products. But Loyal American also offers Accident Expense, Lump Sum Cancer, Heart Attack/Stroke coverage, and Whole Life Insurance Policies. Loyal follows a simple mission: help the people they serve to improve their health, well-being, and sense of security.

By being part of Cigna, Loyal American is rated based on the parent company’s financial profile. Currently, financial institution rating agency AM Best gives Cigna an A rating. This rating signifies financial strength and stability, giving both Cigna and Loyal American the ability to provide products and continue to innovate for their customers.


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Who is Cigna?

Knowing Loyal American is part of the Cigna family, you may want to know more about that company before deciding on whether to choose them for your Medicare supplement.

Cigna is one of the largest providers of healthcare insurance including Medicare Supplement policies. Here are the basics you want to know about Cigna. If you want a more detailed review, you can read our full Cigna Medicare Supplement review.

Cigna has been operating in some form since 1792 when they were founded in Philadelphia in the same building where the Declaration of Independence had been signed. Originally, the company was known as INA and eventually merged in 1982 with the Connecticut General Corporation rebranding themselves as Cigna.

Cigna offers an array of health products including health insurance, dental insurance, and drug coverage. They are also one of the largest writers of Medicare Supplement policies. They serve over 95 million customers worldwide. Recently, Cigna acquired Express Scripts which will help them continue to improve their prescription drug plans. Drug plans are sold separately from Medicare supplement plans, like the Plan F, G, or N, so you don’t have to choose Express Scripts if you are interested in a Medicare supplement plan.


What companies does Cigna own? 

Once customers discover Loyal American is part of Cigna, they often ask what other companies they own.  Cigna has acquired many small and regional health insurance companies over the years and uses those companies to provide Medicare Supplement policies to seniors.

Other companies Cigna uses as subsidiaries are:

  • Cigna Health And Life Insurance Company (CHLIC)
  • American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC)
  • Cigna National Health Insurance Company (CNHIC)

Depending on your state, you might find one or more of these companies operating there. Plan rates will differ between companies. Regardless of what you choose, you can be confident they are backed by the financial strength of Cigna. Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Loyal American Life Insurance Company, or American Retirement Life Insurance Company.


What products does Loyal American provide? 

Loyal American offers Medicare Supplement Plans A, F, G, & N where they operate. Medicare supplement plans are designed to help cover out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare does not provide. These plans follow the federal government regulations of coverages for Supplement policy.  

Plan A is the base Medicare Supplement product, and Plans F & G offer the most coverage for Supplement policies. Plan A is a very uncommon plan to purchase, but Plans F, G & N are widely popular because they offer comprehensive coverage. We’ve found Loyal to have competitive products in most markets they operate in.

To distinguish themselves from competitors, Loyal offer several other benefits to customers along with the standard Medicare Supplement coverages:

  • 30-Day Free look period
  • No membership or association fees
  • Guaranteed Renewable for Life
  • Portable Coverage
  • 12-month rate lock-in
  • Value-added customer programs
  • Cigna Healthcare 24-hour Health Information Line
  • Silver and Fit gym memberships
  • Quick claims process (electric and auto-adjudicated)


What is the Best Loyal American Supplement Insurance Plan?

That depends on your health care needs and your budget. You can be assured you are getting a company with excellent service and additional benefits when choosing Loyal. Their plans range from comprehensive to value-driven policies. To determine what plan is best for you, you must decide on which aspects of supplement coverage will provide you with the greatest amount of security.

Consider your health status along with your lifestyle as well as finances and budgeting. The best part of comparing any Medicare Supplement plan is that the basic benefits are uniform across the country no matter where you purchase your plan. This is not just true for Loyal but for all insurance companies. Because pricing and accessibility can vary by geography, it is helpful to compare multiple options before making the best decision. 

We can help you comparison shop. One of our licensed agents can find the best plan for your needs and provide different quotes from various carriers, so you know you made the right decision.


The Bottom Line

Thanks to its strong financial structure and competitive rates we are proud to offer Loyal American Medicare Supplement plans. They offer very attractive rates throughout the country for popular supplement plans. As you’ve seen, Loyal American also provides its customers with great perks like Silver and Fit programs that offer gym membership and fitness equipment options(available only in certain areas). Medicare supplements are guaranteed renewable for life, which provides you with policy security knowing that your plan cannot be canceled for as long as you continue to pay your premium. 

Additionally, being a subsidiary of Cigna, Loyal American enjoys a number of benefits from its parent company. For example, it has the same financial rating as Cigna and shares the same great customer service as any Cigna product.


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We love connecting people with the right insurance plans. Learn more about the Loyal American Supplement Insurance Plans by connecting directly with one of our trusted agents. From the customer reviews we’ve received, and the strong reputation Cigna has built, we recommend Loyal plans with confidence. We know that Cigna & Loyal offers people great value in their plans, along with reliable choices that meet the needs of different individuals.

We love connecting people with the right insurance plans. Learn more about the Loyal American Supplement Insurance Plans by connecting directly with one of our trusted agents.

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