Is National General Medicare a High Rated Carrier?

National General Accident & Health and Allstate Health Solutions are coming together as the two companies integrate under the Allstate brand name. Over the years, National General Medicare has developed a reputation for providing excellent medical insurance plans. Their customer-centric approach, wide coverage, and extensive reach of agents have made them among the rapidly rising insurance companies in the US. 
Although the majority of private Medicare enrollees are with larger insurance companies, many beneficiaries enjoy exploring other options as well. Businesses like National General might occasionally offer the greatest coverage at the most affordable prices. National General, a publicly traded firm with an estimated $4.6 billion in annual revenue, offers wholesome Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, often known as Medigap plans, in addition to health, vehicle, homes, and life insurance. It basically has something for everyone.  Today we navigate the ground reality of National General Medicare’s products.

Is National General Medicare one of the Top Carriers? 

The following information would help you analyze different aspects of how National General Medicare operates so you can determine whether the insurance giant makes the cut. 

Background and History

The National General Insurance Company was established in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1920. When they relocated their offices to Madison Park in 2014, they changed their name from GMAC Insurance Group. Initially specializing in auto insurance, they have since broadened their range of services and have been offering some great products to the eminent clientele:
  • Health insurance
  • Benefits solutions 
  • Home Insurance
  • Small Business Auto insurance 
  • National General Accident
Additionally, they offer more services related to auto and motor insurance. Their journey in insurance history begins with the invention of the automobile. But their vision wasn’t limited to just one domain. They were acquired by Allstate as of July 2020, and they have since expanded enormously. Post their new merger; the organization made it clear that they are committed to understanding the needs of their clients and providing cutting-edge goods and services that improve their quality of life.
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Financial Standing and User Ratings of National General

Standing Valuation

With more than 1.3 billion in premiums from liability insurance, National General is a fairly wealthy firm. To date, they have over 5,000 employees and a stellar revenue of over $5 billion. They always had a strong network of agents but thanks to the new merger they are now stronger on financial fronts as well. They now have more access to funds and resources for their operations because they are a part of the Allstate group. Which also makes it a smart investment opportunity.


They now have an A- (excellent) grade from A.M. best in terms of financial stability and rating.  A Better Business Bureau rating of A+ (BBB).  With such high ratings, National General has continuously delivered for its stakeholders and customers, setting the stage for success. This suggests a solid track record of creditworthiness and the capacity to cover claims and fulfill upcoming financial obligations.

Words from the General Public

Since National General has such a wide network, customer experiences are most likely to vary significantly from region to region and with certain practitioners and organizations, but the company has a lot of positive independent reviews, making it a good pick.  National General has a strong basis because it has been a pioneer in the insurance sector for around 80 years. Although some of the benefits specified by the Affordable Care Act are not covered by National General, their short-term insurance plans are available at any time and address fundamental healthcare needs, even in cases where minimal downtime is needed. Great member benefits are included in National General’s coverage, and the company has received positive evaluations so far and offers strong customer service with few complaints throughout its initial history of operations, which they have strived to improve continuously.  The National general website is highly easy to use, with clear navigation for both present and future consumers to view their health records and upcoming appointments and find healthcare providers in their area. 

National General Healthcare Providers

Any medical practitioner who accepts Original Medicare will take National General Medicare Supplement insurance (Part A and Part B). A National General Medigap plan coverage acquired in one state may be used in another state as there are no network limits. Benefit recipients have even more freedom to travel thanks to National General Medigap Plans G and F, which cover international emergency care and excess Medicare Part B costs.

General Costing of National General Medicare

  • Quotes were above the average mark for the sector.
  • Provided a good amount of extra advantages. 
  • An excellent short-term solution for folks who aren’t covered right now. 
The cost of National General Medicare Insurance policies can vary depending on a number of factors. The only method to obtain a price quote for National General Medigap coverage is to speak with the company directly or to request one from an impartial Medicare insurance broker. In general, the following factors may result in a decreased Medigap premium:
  • Enrolling during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period
  • Female
  • 65 years old and above 
  • Qualify for any discounts offered by the carrier 
If discounts are offered, they may vary from plan to plan, just like other plan fees. After submitting a quote request, the National General website presented a wide range of alternatives, all of which were understandable and accurately depicted what clients might anticipate paying in monthly premiums.

Product Review: National General Health Insurance

  • Numerous insurance options with wide coverage criteria 
  • The most often used products include individual short-term health insurance. 
  • Customers can use its telemedicine services as well.
Customers within its network can choose from a variety of insurance products offered by the National General. Dental Insurance and short-term individual health insurance are among their fan-favorite products. The National General insurance plans are recognized in 35 states, and its healthcare network (through Aetna) includes well over a million institutions and specialists.  A strong financial position and 80 years in the insurance business also enable National General to keep its reputable position. Customers can use its telemedicine services (a video or phone call to a healthcare practitioner 24 hours a day, seven days a week) and have the opportunity to download its mobile app, HealthNet, through the National General health insurance company’s website when purchasing a policy. Customers get full rights to everything connected to their health insurance through both, including the ability to submit claims in real-time, view policy documentation and benefit tables, check eligibility and exclusions, and search the provider network. Both the mobile app and the website are simple, easy to read, and straightforward to navigate.

Key Features to Note

  • Harnesses strong network availability through Aetna. 
  • Widespread Network and Flexible Plans.
  • Flexible National General Short-term Policies
  • Benefits of LIFE Group Membership
  • Coinsurance percentages
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums
  • Strong Credentials like AM Best & BBB ratings. 
A large network, adaptable plans, short-term healthcare policies, and LIFE Association Membership are important aspects of National General Medicare.  Thirty-five states are covered by the National General, which makes use of the Aetna healthcare provider network. In terms of offering plans with various levels of plan deductibles, coinsurance levels, out-of-pocket maximums, and coverage period maximums, it gives good flexibility. All important services, including doctor visits, preventative care, hospital treatment, ambulance coverage, and surgery, are covered by National General’s short-term insurance.  They would not offer coverage for typical pregnancies, prescription drugs, or pre-existing diseases, which should be noted. But the blueprints offer great loops for customizability. 

What is Life Association Membership?

Customers who buy an insurance plan from National General are automatically enrolled in membership in the LIFE Association. This program gives participants access to a range of advantages, such as telemedicine (as mentioned above) and other discounts on goods and services. Additionally, this membership offers savings on regular expenses like discounted gym memberships, and there is a program that helps with ID theft.

Who Can Benefit from National General Short-term Health Insurance?

People who might have skipped open enrollment deadlines, those who are in a new job’s probationary period and awaiting for their corporate policies to go into effect, students leaving their parents’ parental coverage plans, and others all benefit greatly from short-term health insurance policies.

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National General Medicare Supplement Plans- An Insight

For 60 years, National General has provided Medicare supplement plans. Known for having modest to minor rate hikes, they are a reputable carrier.  Benefits of the National General Medicare Supplement: Plans for National General Medicare Supplements include a few extra benefits.
  • Always Open Annual enrollment
  • Coverage starts immediately the day after enrollment is done in full. 
  • Plans for affordable healthcare
  • 7% off the household premium for eligible members

Should You Invest in National General Medicare?

Because of its financial heft and industry experience, National General is in a strong position, and the fact that it specializes in short-term plans makes it one of the market leaders in this area. Although their plans are more expensive than the industry standard, they have good ratings, extra programs and discounts, and flexibility.  Its plans are ideal for anyone who isn’t already covered by health insurance, whether it’s because of a job situation or missing a sign-up deadline. They include coverage for common medical procedures, including routine doctor visits, lab work, x-rays, ER visits, ambulance use, and urgent care centers.