Humana – CompBenefits Insurance Overview

Learn how Humana Inc.'s acquisition of CompBenefits Corporation enhances its healthcare portfolio, particularly in dental and vision services. By integrating CompBenefits' diverse range of plans, Humana expands its offerings across 22 states, reflecting its commitment to meeting evolving customer needs. CompBenefits' plans ensure accessibility and affordability for dental care, including comprehensive eye care services through its VisionCare Plan, covering routine exams and LASIK surgery discounts. While Humana anticipates earnings growth from this acquisition, it's important to consider potential risks. Nevertheless, Humana's proactive strategy signals a promising future, strengthening its ability to deliver top-tier dental and vision services to its customers and stakeholders. This acquisition underscores Humana's dedication to holistic health benefits and positions it as a leader in comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Humana, established in 1961, is dedicated to enhancing the health of all they serve. They strive to offer equitable access to resources and assistance essential for well-being. Their personalized approach ensures that individuals receive tailored support suited to their unique requirements. As a prominent figure in healthcare, Humana recognizes the significance of tackling global issues.


Humana CompBenefits Acquisition


Humana Inc. Strengthens Portfolio with CompBenefits Acquisition: Enhancing Dental and Vision Services for Millions

Humana Inc. recently completed its acquisition of CompBenefits Corporation, a respected provider of dental and vision benefit plans. This strategic move bolsters Humana’s portfolio by integrating comprehensive dental and vision services into its offerings. CompBenefits, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, commands a sizable customer base, catering to over 2.3 million dental members and 2.5 million vision members spread across 22 states, with a strong presence in the South and Midwest regions.

In line with its commitment to meeting evolving customer needs, Humana aims to enhance its value proposition for its 11.3 million medical members through this acquisition. By diversifying its service range, Humana positions itself as a leader in providing holistic health benefits tailored to both individual and employer requirements.

While this acquisition signals Humana’s growth trajectory, it prompts considerations about its future prospects. Despite the expected earnings boost in 2008, potential risks and uncertainties highlighted in regulatory filings warrant careful attention. Nevertheless, Humana’s proactive stance in seizing market opportunities indicates a promising outlook for the company and its stakeholders.


Discover CompBenefits

CompBenefits strives to surpass your expectations daily, offering a diverse range of dental and vision care solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer dental HMOs, traditional indemnity plans, or innovative hybrid options like Access and AdvantagePlus, CompBenefits has you covered. Their VisionCare Plan ensures access to essential eye care services, including exams, glasses, and contacts, filling the void left by many health care plans.


CompBenefits’ Discount Plans

They offer discount plans that provide access to dentists at reduced rates compared to standard fees. These plans are not insurance but offer significant savings on dental care. With CompBenefits’ plans, you can access dentists in your area who offer reduced fees, presenting your ID card for eligibility. Benefits include no worries about pre-existing conditions, claim forms, or waiting periods.

Plans available: Direct Discount Dental, CompSave, Texas Dental Plans, and NationalDental Plans.

Available in 36 states with a comprehensive network of dentists offering 20-to-50 percent savings on treatments.


CompBenefits’ Dental HMOs

Their dental HMOs focus on quality preventive care to avoid future dental problems. Costs are transparent with no hidden costs, deductibles, or benefit maximums. Care is exclusively provided by a network of screened dentists, removing the burden of paperwork.

CompBenefits’ C Series and CS Series plans provide coverage for routine and preventive healthcare services, featuring affordable office visit copays. For additional procedures, the co-payment details are transparently presented in the Schedule of Benefits. C Series members enjoy reduced fees for specialist treatments, while CS Series plans offer orthodontic benefits and fixed, appealing copays for specialist care.

  • CompBenefits’ C Series is available in: Alabama, Kansas, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Mississippi, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, and West Virginia.
  • CompBenefits’ CS Series is available in: Alabama, Kansas, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee.


1.Dental AdvantagePlus

The CompBenefits AdvantagePlus plan marks a milestone in dental coverage, streamlining access to premium benefits. AdvantagePlus combines the ease of dental HMOs with the expansive dentist networks typical of PPO plans. This pioneering plan delivers substantial savings, ranging from 30 percent to 40 percent compared to conventional dental insurance. It prides itself on transparent pricing, eliminating hidden fees and streamlining the claims process, while offering the flexibility to choose no annual maximum or waiting periods.

With AdvantagePlus, individuals don’t have to pre-select a network dentist. They can simply book an appointment with any participating AdvantagePlus dentist and leave the rest to the plan. For specialized dental needs like endodontics, oral surgery, or periodontics, individuals can visit a specialist within the AdvantagePlus network without needing a referral or special authorization.

  • AdvantagePlus by CompBenefits is currently available in: Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, and Kentucky.



The Elite Preferred PPO plan provided by CompBenefits grants individuals the freedom to choose any licensed dentist for their healthcare needs. However, opting for a dentist within the extensive PPO provider network can result in lower out-of-pocket expenses. Understanding the benefits is simplified with transparent schedules for both in-network and out-of-network dentists, though deductibles and plan maximums still apply.

CompBenefits diligently assesses the qualifications of all dentists within their Preferred Provider Organization network, ensuring that individuals receive care from competent professionals. Filing claims is uncomplicated with the Elite Preferred PPO plan, and their responsive customer service is readily accessible for any inquiries or concerns.

  • CompBenefits’ Elite Preferred is available in: Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Mississippi, and Texas.



For individuals whose dentists aren’t part of our network, CompBenefits offers a variety of fully insured dental plans. These plans safeguard both the individual and their oral health requirements, irrespective of the dentist chosen for treatment. They provide both Indemnity and PPO plans, ensuring options that suit the individual’s preferences.

The Elite Scheduled Plans, including the Elite Schedule D and Schedule 75, offer a straightforward solution for dental insurance needs. These plans feature a benefit schedule with predetermined reimbursements, allowing individuals to receive treatment from any licensed dentist and then submit a claim for reimbursement. The process is as simple as that, though deductibles and plan maximums may still apply.

  • CompBenefits’ Schedule D and Schedule 75 plans are available in: Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Mississippi, and South Carolina.


4.CompBenefits’ Elite Choice 

Elite choice is a conventional insurance option, affording individuals the flexibility to access treatment from any licensed dentist, regardless of their network affiliation. This plan prioritizes preventive care, offering extensive reimbursement for services such as cleanings, x-rays, and oral examinations. The benefits are explicitly detailed in the chosen Schedule of Benefits. Reimbursements for these services are swiftly processed, typically within days, albeit subject to deductibles and plan maximums.

  • CompBenefits’ Elite Choice is available in: Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Mississippi, and South Carolina.



CompBenefits offers a comprehensive range of eye healthcare services. Their VisionCare Plan encompasses routine eye check-ups, eyeglasses, contact lenses, LASIK surgery, and various other aspects vital for maintaining optimal vision. The plan exclusively collaborates with private practice optometrists and ophthalmologists known for delivering highly satisfactory care. Patients within the VisionCare Plan network can expect convenient, thorough, and consistent services from doctors who prioritize building strong relationships with their patients.


VisionCare Plan

The CompBenefits’ VisionCare Plan offers a comprehensive package for eye care needs. It includes coverage for regular eye exams, as well as benefits for lenses, frames, or contacts. Additionally, members can enjoy discounts on LASIK or PRK surgery.

Following an eye exam, members are eligible for discounts on a second pair of eyeglasses and/or professional service fees for elective contact lenses within the following year. The plan operates on a dual-choice basis, allowing members to select from a network of preferred doctors or visit an outside provider. Opting for an in-network doctor involves only a nominal co-payment and potential material upgrade costs, while out-of-network visits are reimbursed based on the benefits schedule.

  • CompBenefits’ VisionCare Plan is available in: Alabama, Indiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Illinois, Maryland, and South Carolina.


Primary Plus

CompBenefits’ Primary Plus offers comprehensive health plans encompassing routine eye care, eyewear, medical treatment for eye ailments, and surgical interventions. The benefits are customized to align with the specific designs of healthcare plans, often resulting in cost savings for eye care benefits. Primary Plus ensures cost efficiency, quality assurance, and access to board-certified providers with extensive experience in eye care.

The integrated eye care delivery system of Primary Plus is supported by CompBenefits’ robust provider network, infrastructure, and exceptional customer service. Plan members receive quality eye care services from a network of optometric physicians and ophthalmologists who are highly trained in diagnosing and treating medical eye conditions, as well as providing vision care services, in suitable settings.


In Summary

Humana Inc.’s acquisition of CompBenefits Corporation significantly enhances its portfolio, especially in dental and vision services. By integrating CompBenefits’ extensive range of plans, Humana can better serve its large customer base across 22 states. This aligns with Humana’s commitment to meeting evolving customer needs and positions it as a leader in holistic health benefits.

CompBenefits offers diverse plans catering to various preferences, ensuring accessibility and affordability for dental care seekers. Similarly, its VisionCare Plan provides comprehensive eye care services, including routine exams and discounts on LASIK surgery.

While Humana expects earnings growth from this acquisition, potential risks should be noted. Nonetheless, Humana’s proactive strategy indicates a promising future for the company and its stakeholders. Overall, this acquisition strengthens Humana’s portfolio and enhances its ability to provide top-tier dental and vision services.

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