Choosing the Right Medicare Agent

Medicare Nationwide vs Local Agent?

When deciding to choose a Medicare Supplement, you may have questions whether to go with a local agent or a nationwide agent. In this article we build the argument of why we think a nationwide is superior.

Medicare Nationwide agents are licensed in at least 48 states throughout the country servicing thousands of clients. Medicare supplement rules differ depending on the state in which you live. For instance, California is the only state with what’s called the “Birthday Rule” which allows you to switch plans and companies of equal or lesser value within 30 days of your birthday once per year without medical underwriting. All these different rules take years to learn and memorize and our agents have become experts in any given state.


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If you were to move states, many local agents do not have the knowledge or licenses to write you a new policy or even make suggestions on where to go. Time and time again, we get clients calling us stating that their agent isn’t licensed in the state in which they’re moving and now they have to find a new agent and build that relationship all over again. With a Medicare Nationwide agent, you build that relationship from the beginning and this agent can “travel” with you no matter where you go. You may have friends/relatives that you refer us to and no matter where they are we can service them whether it be to become a client or just general questions. Medicare Nationwide agents are true experts nationwide bar none.

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