Does Mutual of Omaha Plan G Cover the Medicare Deductible?

Medigap plans, including Mutual of Omaha Plan G, play a crucial role in covering the gaps left by Original Medicare. One common question beneficiaries have is whether Plan G covers the Medicare deductible. In this article, we will explore the coverage provided by Plan G and how it relates to Medicare deductibles. We will also highlight the importance of understanding Medicare-approved expenses and coordinating with various parties to ensure accurate billing and deductible calculations.

Federally Standardized Medigap Plans

Medigap plans, including Plan G, are federally standardized, which means the coverage remains the same regardless of the insurance carrier. The standardized nature of these plans ensures that Plan G provides the same coverage benefits, regardless of the insurance provider.


Part B Deductible Example

The Part B deductible is an annual out-of-pocket expense that beneficiaries must pay before Medicare starts covering their medical services. For instance, in 2024, the Part B deductible is $240. Once you reach this deductible, Medicare will begin covering its portion of the approved expenses.


Full Coverage of Part A Deductible

Plan G fully covers the Part A deductible, which is another out-of-pocket expense beneficiaries need to pay for inpatient hospital stays. In 2024, the Part A deductible is $1,632. With Plan G, your deductible amount for inpatient hospital stays will be fully covered.


Cost Without a Medigap Plan

Without a Medigap plan like Plan G, beneficiaries would be responsible for paying the deductibles out of pocket. For example, if you had an office visit without a Medigap plan and the Medicare-approved amount was $100, you would need to pay the full amount until reaching the deductible. 


Importance of Working with an Independent Broker

To navigate the complexities of Medicare bills and understand deductible amounts, it is recommended to work with an independent broker. An independent broker can provide guidance and assistance in understanding Medicare billing and help you make informed decisions regarding medical expenses.


Coordinating with Multiple Parties

It is crucial to be patient and wait for both the primary and secondary insurance to process and pay claims before paying medical providers. This allows you to accurately determine the deductible amount and avoid premature payments. Coordinate with your insurance broker, Medicare, the medical billing office, and your insurance carrier to confirm if your services were covered by Medicare and understand what is being applied to your deductible.


Medicare-Approved Expenses

Medicare-approved expenses are covered by Medicare and apply towards the deductible. For example, doctor visits, hospital stays, and certain medical services are typically covered by Medicare and contribute to meeting the deductible.


Expenses Not Covered by Medicare

Medicare does not cover certain services, such as dental, vision, hearing aids, and long-term care. Confirming if your services were covered by Medicare is crucial to understanding what expenses are being applied to your deductible.



While Mutual of Omaha Plan G provides comprehensive coverage, including coverage for Medicare deductibles, it is important to understand the federally standardized nature of Medigap plans and how they work in conjunction with Medicare. Working with an independent broker can provide valuable guidance, and coordinating with various parties helps ensure accurate billing and deductible calculations. By understanding Medicare-approved expenses and confirming coverage, you can navigate your healthcare expenses effectively and make informed decisions regarding your medical care.