American Retirement Life Insurance Medicare Supplement Company Review

American Retirement Life Insurance Company

Pros and Cons :

  • ARLIC is a subsidiary of Cigna, so even though the name may not be well-known, you can be assured that they are a legitimate and reputable company.
  • ARLIC offers a discounted gym membership

  • It may be difficult to find competitive rates for this subsidiary. Many people with American Retirement Life Insurance plans have experienced significant rate increases and may be seeking alternative health insurance options. Medicare supplements are not limited to a network of doctors like a Medicare Advantage plan, and there are still competitive prices to consider.
  • If you live in one of the states where American Retirement Life Insurance (ARLIC) plans were sold, such as Delaware, Arkansas, Mississippi, Wyoming, Arizona, North Dakota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Virginia, Kentucky, Kansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, you may want to consider alternative options. For example, if you live in Delaware or Pennsylvania, you could consider a High-Deductible Plan G. If you live in New Hampshire, Plan N may be a good option with stable rates.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5
Rating Stability: 1/5
Financial Stability: 4/5
Coverage Area: 3/5
Competitive Rates: 2/5

Our Take

ARLIC is a legit subsidiary offered by Cigna. However, due to recent high rate increases in many parts of the country offered, we recommend contacting us to discuss lower Medicare supplement rates.

When shopping for a Medicare supplement, you may have stumbled upon American Retirement Medicare supplements, better known as ARLIC or their parent company, Cigna. Before purchasing their products, you will want to see some information about the company and products.

What is Cigna ARLIC?

Cigna is a worldwide health organization founded in 1982 due to a merger of Connecticut General Life Insurance company and the Insurance Company of North America (INA). INA’s roots go back to the early days of the United States in 1792. Over time, Cigna has narrowed its focus to life, health, and disability products. Medicare-related products have become one of their most significant sectors.

In 2018, Cigna ranked 73 among the Fortune 500 and scored an “A” rating by most top financial rates sources such as AM Best. Because of their size and strength, they have capabilities in 30 countries with more than 86 million customer relationships worldwide.

ARLIC is a subsidiary of Cigna. ARLIC stands for the American Retirement Life Insurance Company and was purchased by Cigna in 2012 to launch and market its Senior Life & Health products. Apart from their Medicare supplement products, they offer whole life; cancer, heart attack, stroke plan; and other supplemental benefit plans.


Highlights of ARLIC’s Medicare Supplements

  • 24/7 customer service. Care teams are always available to answer coverage questions and support your health concerns.
  • Positive Client Feedback. Among all the Cigna supplement products, ARLIC ranks high among customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is determined by competitive rates, ease of use, and ongoing support.
  • Designed with Pre-existing Health Conditions in Mind. Many supplement plans control the flow of new customers by tightening eligibility guidelines. ARLIC has broad acceptability and will ensure customers who have had serious medical issues that many companies will reject. Most insurance companies will sort customers into 2 different categories based on health: preferred and standard. ARLIC has created 4 different categories to provide Medicare supplement coverage for a larger group of customers.
  • Nationwide Coverage and Freedom of Choice. ARLIC will provide coverage throughout the United States and allows freedom to choose your doctor and hospital.
  • This online platform allows customers to access policy coverage, set up automatic payments, print ID cards, update personal information, review EOBs, and monitor claims payments.


This chart will give a brief overview of all their plans and coverages. Not every plan is available in every state.

American Retirement (ARLIC) Medicare Supplement Chart

*The below rates were generated from zip code 20120 in Centreville, VA for females age 65. Rates vary based on zip code, gender, age, and in some areas, health. Prices are subject to change. Below prices are illustrative only.

  • Plan A: $126.80
  • Plan F: $157.30
  • Plan G: $103.23
  • Plan N: $83.34


It’s important to remember that all Medicare supplements are federally standardized. Meaning they must cover the same benefits. This makes shopping around a critical step in the Medicare supplement decision process. Be sure to check out the other important factors that should be driving your Medicare supplement decision.


Set Appointment

This appointment is meant to alleviate any concerns and there is no-cost or obligation to make a change.


Reasons Why We Like ARLIC

  • 7% Household Discount. If both spouses sign up for ARLIC, the total household will receive a 7% discount on the supplement package.
  • Health Information Line. 24/7 information line to help you sort out any health questions.
  • Low-cost fitness program. ARLIC designed this program to promote and improve your health to prevent future medical issues.
  • Cigna Healthy Rewards®. Discounts are available at various vision and hearing providers and nutrition and weight-loss programs.
  • Competitive Premiums with health issues. Other companies automatically reject seniors with health issues such as COPD, diabetes, neuropathy, cirrhosis, dementia, Alzheimers, angina, stent placement, pacemakers, etc. ARLIC designed rate structures for all those health issues.
  • 12-month Rate Guarantee. Once you purchase an ARLIC policy, your premium will remain stable during that time.
  • Simple Application Process. Most customers can complete 100% of their applications over the phone.
  • Payment choices. You can pick the monthly payment date.

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New Subsidiary vs Old Subsidiary

ARLIC would be considered an older subsidiary of Cigna. When new subsidiaries come out in an area, it essentially means that a new pool of risk is formed. This healthier group is typically younger and affords the insurance carrier the ability to offer a lower rate to complement the lower risk that they are able to adapt. We recommend exploring all the rates in your area, including past rate increases to determine how strong the insurance pool you are in.


The Bottom Line

ARLIC is only one company among many we represent. Understanding each company’s pricing and underwriting is our expertise. To shop America Retirement Medicare supplement rates in your area, give us a call. We will find the best value to be confident about your budget matching your insurance coverage needs.

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