Accendo Medicare Supplement Review

Accendo Medicare Supplement Company Review

Pros and Cons :

  • Accendo is an affiliate of Aetna, and unlike most affiliates of Medicare supplement carriers, affiliates of Aetna maintain a more stable rate over the years.
  • If you are looking for a carrier that can offer you a 14% discount with the strong backing of Aetna, this carrier is well worth your attention.

  • Accendo is discontinuing Medicare supplements.
  • Many times providers call up confused because they never heard of Accendo, so instead of sending claims to Medicare as the primary insurance, they go down a strange rabbit hole looking to get payment from the secondary insurance unaware they are affiliated with Aetna. This can cause a delay or loss of claims. You will have to make sure your provider bills Medicare and not Accendo.
  • Similar problem but sometimes people forget or their responsible family members have no clue who Accendo is, and this can cause aggravation. If you have an Accendo policy you will need to take measures to remind yourself and your loved ones that they need to call Aetna for customer service and billing support. Accendo uses Aetna for these services.

Overall Rating: 1/5
Rating Stability: 1/5
Financial Stability: 1/5
Coverage Area: 1/5
Competitive Rates: 1/5

Our Take

Accendo is no longer offering Medicare supplements. You will have to look at other Aetna subsidiaries.

Everyone wants the best healthcare they can get, but that decision can be challenging. Without the correct information, which sometimes cannot be readily available, some may not make the best and most informed decision. Our review of Accendo, a new medicare supplement plan launched on March 13, 2020, will help you stay informed about the latest medicare supplements.

What Accendo Offers

Currently, Accendo offers Medicare Supplement Plans A, B, F, G, & N. The availability of each plan can vary by state.

All plans feature a unique 14% household discount if both spouses enroll with Accendo, higher than average household discounts given by most companies.

[TIP] Knowing this is a good tip when shopping for the perfect Supplement plan for you. Don’t only look at individual pricing, but consider yourself and your spouse as a package. You might find overall pricing much more competitive than if you both chose different company plans. A good broker can run those numbers for you to find the most affordable coverages with the most considerable benefits.

With Accendo, for members to get their discount programs like Eyemed for vision and Hearing Care Solutions for hearing, they have to create an Aetna member login, then go to Lifemart to see all of their discount benefits.


About Accendo

Accendo, a partnership between Aetna and CVS, is a new medicare plan that aims to provide better services to households. With this new partnership, CVS and Aetna strive to put the customer first when developing a medicare plan. By cutting prices for the customer while still providing the same excellent service, recipients of this new plan will be in good hands without emptying their wallets.

In today’s world, people are dealing with chronic illnesses more often and are not receiving the care they need to treat them. Plans can be hard to find, difficult to pay for, or not provide the right services required to treat chronic illnesses. This new partnership strives to make this process easier for patients who need this type of care.

Our review will give you the basics of the Accendo product by walking you through:

  1. The history of Aetna and CVS, and why this matters for their medicare supplement product.
  2. The various supplement plans will be discussed, along with the advantages of each of these plans.
  3. Finally, we will summarize our experience and opinion of the new Accendo product.


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History of the Aetna and CVS partnership

In 2008, the nationwide pharmacy company, CVS, entered into a partnership with Aetna. At that time, Aetna became a subsidiary of CVS.



Aetna began as an insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1819 under the direction of attorney Henry Ellsworth. The name was taken from the famous Mediterranean mountain on the island of Sicily, projecting strength and stability.

In 1850, Aetna reorganized an annuity fund to sell life insurance. They retained the Aetna name because of their solid reputation during their early business years.

In 1968, Aetna listed its stock on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1975, they were the first company to create an HMO and entered the managed healthcare space. To focus more intensely on healthcare and health insurance products, Aetna divested itself of its property and casualty business in 1996. Then to continue this focus on health, in 2013, Aetna acquired Coventry Health Care, the 3rd largest managed care organization in the nation.

Aetna has remained one of the world’s largest healthcare providers, dental, pharmacy, group life and disability insurance, and employee benefits.



CVS or Consumer Value Stores was founded in 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts, by Stanley, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland. This new company grew from Mark Steven, Inc., which helped CVS manage its health and beauty product lines. Pharmacies may be known today, but this was not their original business model. CVS later partnered with the Melville Corporation to expand its retail businesses. Through this partnership, CVS saw much success in the 1980s and 1990s, allowing them to break off from Melville and later trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2007, CVS partnered with Caremark Rx, which developed into CVS Caremark Corporation and later CVS Health in 2014. Since this merger, CVS has provided many healthcare services, which has allowed them to open CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, CVS Specialty, and the MinuteClinic. The Caremark partnership gave CVS the knowledge and experience to lead to the merger with Aetna to form a new healthcare powerhouse.

In 2018, CVS acquired Aetna for $68 billion. By 2019, CVS was ranked #8 on the list of Fortune 500 companies and #19 on the global Fortune 500 list.


States and Rates

Here is the list of where Accendo is currently available and along with samples rates for NC.*

Use this as a starter guide to determine if Accendo is one of the companies you should consider when shopping for a Supplement plan.


Here is an example of Accendo pricing in NC for a 65-Year-Old Female, Non-Tobacco User

Plan GPlan NPlan APlan F
Household % – 14%Household % – 14%Household % – 14%Household % – 14%
Monthly Rate: $105.40

Monthly Rate:


Monthly Rate:


Monthly Rate: $123.53
With % – $90.33With % – $81.80With % – $80.45With % – $106.23
Annual Rate: $1261Annual Rate: $982Annual Rate: $1123Annual Rate: $1483
Annual % Rate: $1084

Annual % Rate:


Annual % Rate:


Annual % Rate: $1275
Policy Fee: $25Policy Fee: $25Policy Fee: $25Policy Fee: $25


*If you don’t see your state, click for other Aetna availability in your area.


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Even though Accendo is new to the market, it is built upon two solid and reliable companies. Both companies’ financial strength and service records deliver high levels of trust for customer service, claims processing, rate stability, and competitive premiums.

We recommend that you consider Accendo when shopping for Medicare supplement coverage. Make sure you work with your agent to compare pricing and benefits. They must understand your current needs to find the best plan for you. Pricing and accessibility can vary among the states, and we work nationwide.

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