Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Medicare Supplement Company Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Company Review

Pros and Cons :

  • BCBS primarily focuses on Medicare Advantage plans and offers some very competitive options in that market.
  • In California, Anthem BCBS is a strong option for Plan G or N, they even offer additional benefits such as SilverSneakers and a deep discount on premiums in the first year (offer only available in CA.)

  • BCBS has primarily focused on Medicare Advantage plans, which has led to less competitiveness in the Medicare supplement market.
  • Many Medicare supplement carriers offer more plans at lower prices, whereas BCBS focuses on group plans and insurance for individuals under 65.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Rating Stability: 2/5
Financial Stability: 5/5
Coverage Area: 4/5
Competitive Rates: 3.5/5

Our Take

As of 2023, Blue Cross Blue Shield holds an A+ rating from both A.M. Best and S&P. They are particularly competitive in California for their Medicare Supplement rates. They have focused their resources on the Medicare Advantage market.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, one of the most popular and well-known insurance carriers, offers several Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare supplement plans. Anthem is their predominantly used and competitive subsidiary offering Medigap supplement plans throughout the country. Following is a review of the company’s Medicare supplement insurance plans, so our customers know what option to look for when shopping.

Blue Cross Medicare Supplement Plans: A Complete Medigap Review

Blue Cross Blue Shield is an association of 36 independent Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health insurance firms rather than a single health insurance entity. Many of BCBS’ linked plans have a lengthy, reputable history and are reputable. Despite the fact that not all BCBS plans are created equal in terms of cost or quality, you are likely to discover a reliable BCBS choice in your area because of the company’s widespread availability.


The Blue Cross Benefit

Nationwide Coverage

Nearly one in three Americans are protected by BCBS policies, which are active in all 50 states.


A Broad Network of Healthcare Providers

More than 90% of physicians and hospitals nationwide are under contract with BCBS organizations as a whole.

Explore a Plethora of Medicare Insurance options

Although details differ from company to company, overall, BCBS plans provide a broad selection of Medicare insurance options.


Additional Benefits

The Blue365 discount program is available to Medicare participants through some BCBS plans. The Blue365 program offers savings on goods and services linked to health and wellness.

Dental, vision, hearing, over-the-counter, telemedicine, and fitness benefits are also included in a number of BCBS plans.

Set Appointment

This appointment is meant to alleviate any concerns and there is no-cost or obligation to make a change.


Cons of Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare

Every BCBS Plan is Distinct.

There is no single BCBS health plan owing to BCBS being an association of 36 independent businesses. You must look for a BCBS health plan in your region and evaluate each plan’s specific pricing, benefits, and possibilities.


Average Scores for Quality.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rate BCBS at just over 3.5 out of 5.0 on average.


Expensive Plans.

Certain plan types are expensive. According to quotes gathered for this assessment, Plan A and Plan N were both at least 50% more expensive than the best pricing on the market. The most affordable plans have network limitations. Although Medicare Select plans are less expensive than normal ones, you must remain in-network.


How Do Medigap and Drug Plans Work?

Here is how Medigap and drug plans work. To put it simply, if you are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B, Medigap can help fill the service gaps in Medicare Part A and B.

Numerous out-of-pocket costs aren’t covered by Parts A and B, such as deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. This is where Medigap comes into play and can “bridge the gap.” There aren’t any network limitations because these plans are available in all 50 states and are accepted anywhere that Medicare is accepted.

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Medicare Supplement plans offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

One thing to note is that even though you’ll see different Medigap plans, the basic benefits for the plans apply to every insurance company that sells that specific plan. For example, the benefits you see for Plan G are the same for every Plan G offered by every insurance company. Premiums are the main difference. And, of course, this is something we can help you navigate if you need further help.

Medicare Supplement Plans F, G, and N are the most popular plans.

We’ll break down these four so you can better understand which one is right for you. Here skim through the toggle menu Medicare Supplement:


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan A

The most fundamental Medigap strategy is Plan A. It concentrates on paying for some of the Part A and Part B copays and coinsurance.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan B

The same services covered as Plan A are also offered by Plan B; additional coverage includes the Medicare Part A deductible.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan C

Plans A and B are less inclusive than Medigap Plan C. It covers emergency medical care while traveling abroad along with the deductibles, copays, and coinsurance related to Original Medicare part A and part B. This is not Part C. Part C is a Medicare Advantage plan.

You could purchase this plan if you qualified for Medicare before January 1, 2020.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan D

Medicare Part A and B copays and coinsurance are covered under Plan D. The Medicare Part A deductible and unexpected expenses of international travel emergencies are included in the D plan documents Blue Shield.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan F

Plan F was popular because it covers all Original Medicare Parts A and B gaps. It includes all of the benefits of plans A and B while providing coverage for skilled nursing facility care. However, this plan is not available to newly eligible Medicare recipients born after 1955.

There are no out-of-pocket costs for hospital or outpatient services, making this plan a great choice since there is no deductible or coinsurance.

Additional visits, chemotherapy, lab testing, and other similar costs are covered too.

Many individuals chose this plan because of its wide range of coverage and not having to pay out of pocket for Medicare-approved services.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan G

After Plan F, Plan G is the most popular plan people chose. It has the same coverage as Plan F, except for the Part B deductible covered.

Plan F has this additional Part B deductible coverage, but Plan G has gained popularity because the premiums can be substantially lower. Many people are willing to pay the Part B deductible for a lower premium.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan K

Medicare parts A and B copays, coinsurance, and the Part A deductible are all covered under Plan K. It’s vital to remember that many of these extra charges only receive partial coverage (50%), unlike many Medigap plans. Note: There is a maximum out-of-pocket limit for Plan K.

It is the least expensive Medigap plan.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan L

BCBS Plan L is strikingly similar to Plan K. The partial coverage is a little more substantial (75%). You can expect a yearly out-of-pocket cap with Plan L.


BCBS Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N has lower premiums than Plan G while having the same coverage in terms of hospitalization (additional 365 days after Medicare benefits end) and medical expenses ($20 copay for office visits and $50 copay for ER) at 20% of Medicare expenses.

You also get coverage for skilled nursing facilities and a Medicare Part A deductible for hospitalization.

Plan N is a viable choice because it works for people who want cheaper premiums and are willing to assume responsibility for co-payments. So if you’re a healthier individual who doesn’t require a ton of medical visits and usage throughout the year, this can be an excellent choice for you.


What’s More in the Box with BCBS Medicare Supplement Plans?

As discussed in detail in the above sections, BCBS Medicare Supplement Plans, or Medigap, is compatible with Original Medicare Parts A and B. They assist beneficiaries in minimizing their out-of-pocket expenses by reducing or doing away with copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Plans are guaranteed to be renewed as long as you keep paying your premiums, and coverage is valid at hospitals and providers that accept Medicare nationwide.

Depending on your insurance provider and place of residence, you may be eligible for the following discounts and services if you sign up for the BCBS Medicare Supplement plan:

  • SilverSneakers Program ( Might slightly elevate your premium)
  • Automatic Claims Filing
  • Benefits for dental, vision, hearing, and a Plan G plus (check for the availability in your area)


BCBS Customer Reviews

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners assesses every BCBS-affiliated business separately. For instance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia’s individual health insurance business, which also covers Medicare enrollees, had an NAIC complaint score of 0.81 in 2021. However, the 0.62 index in the Medigap category reflects only one complaint for its Medicare Supplement products.

The same data for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan shows a complaint index of 0.39 in 2021 for 20 complaints in the individual health category and zero complaints in the Medicare Supplement category.

All insurance-related complaints are monitored by the NAIC, including the health insurers. To formulate a complaint index, NAIC analyses the volume of complaints to the insurer’s market share.

A complaint index of less than 1.0 indicates that the company has received relatively fewer complaints; if the ratio is larger than 1.0, the company has received more complaints than expected, given its size.


Financial Ratings

Based on their financial stability, insurance businesses are evaluated against numerous parameters by AM Best, a credit rating agency.

AM Best does not score all affiliates in the Blue Shield association. Compared to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi, which has an A rating for financial strength and is, therefore, well-positioned to satisfy its financial responsibilities, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, for instance, is not rated.

Due to underwriting losses and its reluctance to increase the prices of its Marketplace insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont has a B++ rating; the company is currently launching Medicare Advantage products.



National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accredits and rates insurance plans based on metrics for patient happiness, healthcare access, and care quality.

NCQA has accredited many BCBS plans, and several of them received ratings in 2021. The majority received a score of 3.5 or 3.0 out of 5.0. Some BCBS plans are recognized and rated for other categories, such as Medicaid or private insurance, but not for their Medicare coverage.


Costs of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement

Depending on where you live, how old you are, and when you first became eligible for Medicare, a lot of factors affect how much your Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement premiums cost. There are three methods used by insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield to calculate Medigap costs:

  • Community-rated: No matter their age, everyone pays the same amount.
  • The issue-age-rated: The premium price is determined by your age at the time a Medigap policy is issued to you. Age does not affect the cost of premiums.
  • Age-based or attained-age-rated premiums rise in cost as the enrollee ages. Thus the price of the Medicare plan toggle with the age factor in this method.


Does BCBS offer Medicare Advantage Plans?

A range of Medicare Advantage plans, including Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, are provided by regional BCBS plans.

The Medicare Advantage Plan often includes additional coverage for services like over-the-counter drug allowances, dental and vision benefits, and prescription drug coverage in one delightful package. Nearly 300 HMO plans and more than 200 PPO plans were made available countrywide through BCBS plans in 2021.

The benefits of these programs surpass those of Original Medicare. They provide full protection, which covers online visits and fitness advantages. These added benefits ensure a good quality of life with their extensive protection and keep you healthy without breaking your pocket.


Does BCBS offer Drug Plans?


Might we add you’re in luck! All Medicare plans do not offer the far-reaching benefits of prescription drug coverage. A Blue Cross Part D plan covers the prescription drug costs for the included Medication procedure. You can buy it in addition to your Original Medicare, a Medicare supplement plan, or a group Medicare plan that otherwise doesn’t cover the needed drug coverage.  Prescription drug coverage is also included in a few Medicare Advantage plans (PPO and HMO plans). However, with stand-alone Prescription Drug Plans, you can rest assured. Especially if you have an elaborate drug expense coming up.

In conclusion, the BCBS drug plans Part D plans were designed to enhance savings that help you get over the coverage gap and cheap copays for many medications.


Medicare Nationwide is Here to Help

Our team is here to help with any questions you might have regarding Anthem BCBS. These supplement plans are available across the country, so we can help you review your options for Medigap insurance companies in your area.

Companies continue to increase premium rates for Medicare supplemental insurance, so choosing the right one with a stable rate is essential. It is entirely free to work with us, so you don’t have to navigate this all on your own.

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