GPM Medicare Supplement Company Review

GPM Medicare Supplement Company Review

Pros and Cons :

  • GPM is affiliated with Mutual of Omaha, yes they are a legit company. They have a niche for offering competitive prices for those under 65 that have qualified for Medicare due to disability.
  • GPM has competitive pricing in Utah and Montana.

  • GPM is known for having some of the highest rate increases in the market. One possible reason for this is the high cost of leasing the infrastructure from Mutual of Omaha.
  • Consumers and providers are typically confused about who to contact for customer service needs and should be reminded that they need to call Mutual of Omaha.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Rating Stability: 2/5
Financial Stability: 5/5
Coverage Area: 5/5
Competitive Rates: 4/5

Our Take

GPM is the sister company to Mutual of Omaha. They have to offer bargain base prices in your area to consider them because they are known for high rate increases.

GPM Life Medicare supplements are run by GPM Life Insurance, short for Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance is an insurance company organized as a mutual company that has been around since 1934. The way GPM is organized can be a big benefit to policyholders. According to the NAIC: “Mutual insurance companies by definition are owned entirely by their policyholders. Any profits earned are returned to policyholders in the form of dividend distributions or reduced future premiums.” 1 When GPM was founded in 1934, it was one of the first insurance companies to serve the needs of military service members and their families. They have continued that tradition to this day, offering insurance products to active duty members and retired service members. Additionally, they provide a variety of insurance options for federal employees, individuals, families, and seniors. GPM Health and Life have earned an A- “Excellent” rating from AM Best. The Better Business Bureau gave them an excellent A- rating. 2

Benefits of Choosing a GPM Supplement Plan

Finding the right Medicare Supplement plan means finding peace of mind and security in your health care coverage. It can also mean significant cost reductions when it comes to your out-of-pocket health costs not covered by Original Medicare.

Some factors that help set GPM apart from other carriers are their affordable rates on the popular supplement plans G and N. Additionally, they offer a great discount for households and have a simple electronic application.


Medicare Supplement Plans Offered by GPM

GPM offers five different Medicare supplement plans: Plan A, Plan C, Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Each plan offers unique benefits and coverage meant to meet the needs of a variety of beneficiaries. We’ll compare these plans below to give you a sense of where they differ and how each is designed to meet different healthcare needs.


GPM’s Medicare Supplement Premiums

*The above rates are from zip code 20120 in Centreville, VA for females age 65. Rates vary based on zip code, gender, age, and, in some areas, health. Prices below are subject to change. These prices are meant for illustrative purposes only.

  • Plan A: $108.27
  • Plan G: $113.04
  • Plan N: $72.84


Health Insurance


Medigap Plan A

The GPM Life Medicare supplement Plan A helps to cover Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs once you have met the Part A deductible. Additionally, the Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance amount is covered. It also helps with your Part B coinsurance or copayment amount. However, be aware that Plan A does not cover any Part B excess charges.

Medigap Plan C

GPM’s Plan C is seen as a fairly comprehensive supplement plan. It covers Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to 365 days once Medicare benefits have been exhausted. It also covers Part A hospice care copayment or coinsurance amounts. Additionally, Part B coinsurance and copayment amounts are covered, as well as skilled nursing facility care. Plan C does not cover any Part B excess charges, so the patient is charged for any remaining costs that extend beyond the Medicare-approved service payment.

 Medigap Plan F

GPM Medicare Supplement Plan F is considered premium coverage, as it covers all additional costs that Original Medicare does not. It covers both Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, as well as the Part B copayment and all Part B excess charges. Additionally, it covers Part A hospice copayment or coinsurance, days 21 through 100 in a skilled nursing facility, and foreign travel emergency coverage up to 80 percent, which is the plan limit.


Medigap Plan G

GPM Medicare Supplement Plan G is similar in nature to Plan F, as it covers nearly all the same aspects. However, the main difference between the two is that Plan G does not cover the Part B deductible. By not covering this deductible, Plan G offers slightly less coverage but also becomes a less-costly alternative. Depending on the rates where you are located, it is possible that the costs of the Part B deductible can be offset by a lower monthly premium cost.

Medigap Plan N

GPM’s Plan N medigap can be seen as a sort of middle-of-the-road coverage option. It offers beneficiaries more coverage than that of Plan A but stops short of the robust offering that Plan F provides. If you choose Plan N, your Medicare Part B coinsurance amount is covered except for a copayment of $20 for doctor office visits and up to $50 for emergency room visits. Additionally, Medicare Part A is covered and the Part A hospice copayment. The Medicare Part A hospital copayment is covered for days 61 through 150 and the skilled nursing facility copayment covers days 21 through 100. Emergency foreign travel care is covered up the plan’s limit of 80 percent.


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What is the Best GPM Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

From the points outlined in the plan offerings above, you can see that GPM Medigap plans are designed to cover a number of different beneficiary preferences and healthcare needs, varying in degrees of coverage and value. Choosing the best supplement plan will depend entirely on you. Take your current health, lifestyle, and coverage preferences into account when deciding, and be sure to balance them against any financial goals or budgeting requirements.

When comparing the Medicare Supplement Insurance plans offered by GPM, it is important to note that the same basic benefits of each plan are uniform across the country no matter where you purchase your plan.

Additionally, these basic benefits are the same from carrier to carrier. So, purchasing Plan F from one insurance company would provide the same coverage as it would purchasing from any other insurance company. However, plan prices may vary from state to state.


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Medicare Nationwide Opinion

Based on their consistently high-rating and competitive supplement plan offerings, we are pleased to offer GPM Medigap plans. Additionally, GPM Insurance can be seen as a sister company to Mutual of Omaha as they share the same infrastructure, both in underwriters and website. Mutual of Omaha has the same writing agent number for both carriers, so GPM can be seen as a cost-effective alternative in areas where their premium is lower. Thanks to GPM’s customer-focused structure and strong financial standing, their Medigap plans are a great choice, especially if you see competitive plan rates in the Medicare Supplement market where you live.

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