Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna Medicare Supplement Company Review

Pros and Cons :

  • Aetna started to lease their infrastructure to many different carriers, those being, Aflac, Accendo, and more. This means that when a new carrier enters Medicare supplements they aren’t starting from scratch with customer service and such. They choose Aetna because they have an established infrastructure recognized for customer service.
  • Aetna is known for some of the lowest rate increases for Medicare supplement plans and is consistently competitive in its prices. Typically you can save on average $60/mon by switching from a different carrier Plan G to Aetna’s Plan N.

  • Aetna does not offer the high deductible Plan G in enough parts of the country. However, they do offer it in Illinois where the average monthly premium for a 70-year-old male is around $150/mon for Plan G. A quote comparison in that state would be worth considering.
  • Aetna does not offer a free gym membership. The SilverSneakers gym membership is typically accepted at a YMCA or Planet Fitness, but it won’t be offered at the nice gym you like to go to near you.

Overall Rating: 4/5
Rating Stability: 5/5
Financial Stability: 5/5
Coverage Area: 5/5
Competitive Rates: 5/5

Our Take

Aetna receives some of the highest marks because they are at the top of our carrier list for rate stability, they have a long enough history that promotes confidence compared to a lot of the new carriers just entering Medicare supplements. They keep their rates more stable than the major carrier competitors, it is as simple as that!

While shopping for Medicare supplemental insurance products, you have probably run across Aetna Medicare Supplement plans. Aetna is a well-known company that has worked in healthcare longer than most insurance companies. Because we want you to understand a company you are considering, we will go through the company’s pros and cons and our recommendation. We want you to make an informed decision about your healthcare.

While shopping for Medicare supplemental insurance products, you have probably run across Aetna Medicare Supplement plans. Aetna is a well-known company that has worked in healthcare longer than most insurance companies. An Aetna Medicare Supplement is a stellar choice in today’s increasingly complicated Medicare Supplement market. The company makes it easy to pick the right plan for your needs. Because we want you to understand a company you are considering, we will go through the company’s pros and cons and our recommendation. We want you to make an informed decision about your healthcare.


Medicare Supplement Plans Offered by Aetna

The company offers Plans F, G, and N in most states. These plans are federally standardized, which means all carriers must provide the same benefits making shopping around extremely important. Like most health carriers, Aetna also offers Aetna Medicare Advantage plans. Plans F, G, and N are not Medicare Advantage plans.


Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F

It can be unnerving when Medicare doesn’t cover one of your healthcare costs. How will you get the money to pay the portion that Medicare doesn’t cover, such as hospital deductibles, nursing costs, and copays for primary provider visits and other specialists?

That’s what makes Medicare Supplement Plan F the Cadillac of Medicare supplement programs out there. And don’t worry. You can see any doctor or hospital that sees Medicare patients. With 100 percent coverage, you’ll enjoy peace of mind by visiting the providers you’re comfortable with. Medigap Plan F has the highest premium but covers everything Medicare doesn’t. Rate increases are also higher on average with Medigap Plan F; please get in touch with us to find out more about rates in your area.

Medicare Plan F was discontinued in 2020 for newly eligible Medicare recipients born after Jan 1st, 1955. If you are a current subscriber to Plan F, you will be grandfathered into the plan each year. It’s your choice to leave Plan F and opt for something different. Although it’s a good plan, many decide to go with Plan G. Let us help you analyze your current needs to determine if choosing Plan F makes sense for 2021 and beyond.


Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G

The most popular choice for Aetna Medicare supplement insurance plans is Aetna Plan G. The annual deductible per year is paid to the primary care provider. Copays are no problem! When you visit a doctor or specialist with Plan G Medigap, you can skip the copays.

Plan G is comparable to Medigap Plan F. The difference is that Plan B is not in the coverage. With Plan G Medigap, if you go to a doctor who accepts Medicare, the deductible is your only out-of-pocket Medicare-approved expense.

Plan G offers:

  • Complete and fully paid hospital coverage
  • Fully paid skilled nursing visits
  • Doctors’ visits are covered at 100 percent after the $240 annual deductible
  • Any excess charges related to Part B Medicare are covered at 100 percent
  • Copays and coinsurance costs are waived
  • Foreign emergency travel
  • Ability to see your doctor of choice, provided they are a Medicare provider

Even if you are leaning toward Plan F because of the deductible, it is worth quoting Plan G. You may save enough money to negate the extra out-of-pocket deductible. Plan G may be the most cost-effective option if this is true for you.


Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan N

Another choice for Medigap insurance is Medicare Supplement Plan N. One of the main differences between Plan G, and Plan N is a copay to see the doctor or healthcare provider with Plan N.

Aside from the Part B deductible, the most you’ll dish out at the doctor’s office is a $20 copay with Plan N for Medicare-approved services; this includes any specialist’s office that you may need to frequent. Also, a $50 copay at the Emergency Room will be waived upon admission to the facility.

Part B excess Medicare charges are not covered under Medigap Plan N. That means a provider can charge a patient 15% more than the Medicare-approved negotiated price of services. However, some states waive this charge.

*The rates are from zip code 20120 in Centreville, VA, for females aged 65. Rates vary based on zip code, gender, age, and, in some areas, health. Prices are subject to change. This quote is strictly for illustrative purposes only.

  • Plan A: $103.13
  • Plan F: $151.02
  • Plan G: $119.87
  • Plan N: $95.63

It’s essential to keep in mind that all Medicare supplements are federally standardized which means they must cover the same benefits. This makes shopping around a critical step in the Medicare supplement decision process. Be sure to check out the other important factors that should be driving your Medicare supplement decision.


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What Makes Aetna Special?

With Aetna, for members to get their discount programs like Eyemed for vision and Hearing Care Solutions for hearing, they have to create an Aetna member login and then go to Lifemart to see all of their discount benefits.

Aetna is an incredibly stable company. Aetna’s scope throughout the United States allows it to manage costs more efficiently than most insurance carriers. Aetna also uses its extensive database to price more accurately. These factors create a stable rate environment. You won’t see a rate increase due to age in the first couple of years in certain situations.

As a reward for buying together with a spouse or partner, you may receive a household discount based on certain factors, such as ZIP code and subsidiaries available in your area.

Just be mindful that Aetna has some limitations to its billing options. They do not accept credit card payments. Most insured members have a monthly withdrawal come from their bank account. You can pick the date you want it to go out automatically. If you want to send a check by mail, you can only do it quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


History of the Company

The Aetna company has been around for a long time. It’s a company that has traditionally sold insurance and other services.

It’s interesting to note that the name “Aetna” is based on a volcano located on the shores of Sicily. Aetna became a big player in the insurance business when attorney Henry Ellsworth became president of the Aetna (Fire) Insurance Company in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1819. At the time, it was the most active volcano in Europe.

Aetna Insurance Company organized an annuity fund to sell life insurance in 1850. The “Aetna” name was retained to take advantage of the excellent reputation of the original Aetna. After years of working with customers in the insurance business, Aetna has also become a significant player in the Medicare supplement insurance arena. Seek them out with confidence when choosing your Medigap supplement.


Aetna’s Subsidiaries

Please call us to find out what subsidiary is available in your area.

  •  American Continental Insurance Company
  • Aetna Health and Life
  • Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee

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