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Critical Illness

A Medicare Supplement is great medical coverage. With it, you can go to the best facilities the country has to offer with little to no out of pocket. Be sure to check out details and learn How to Choose a Medicare Supplement.

In regards to cancer, you’d most likely wish to go to Sloan Kettering or MD Anderson to be in the best care possible. This brings up unforeseen expenses like airfare and travels for you and a loved with. Along with food and hotel expenses. Our portfolio includes three products with numerous price points and options to fit almost any situation or budget.


Three Products

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance


Simple & Direct

Upon diagnosis of a covered condition, a check is sent to the policyholder, not the health care provider. No receipts or medical bills necessary.  Payment is to them, to use any way they choose. Examples include:

  • Replacing lost income while the client is off work
  • Keeping up with ongoing living expenses
  • Paying health insurance deductibles and copayments
  • Hiring home health care or child care services
  • Traveling to treatment facilities


Clear Need

Almost everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered under the Critical Advantage Portfolio. And with the health care costs shifting in recent years, the need has never been greater. So, most people will quickly see the value of these policies.

In addition, the Critical Advantage Portfolio offers a number of flexible benefits and options.

  • Coverage Options: Lifetime or Term (10, 15, 20 or 30 years)
  • Individual, Single Parent, Family
  • Face Amounts: $10,000 to $100,000
  • No Reduction of Benefits at any age
  • Express and Simplified Underwriting

*Features and riders may not be available with all policies or approved in all states.

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