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About Loyal American insurance company


Loyal American Insurance was founded in 1955 and is based out of Austin, TX. In recent years, Loyal American has gone on to become a subsidiary of Cigna. Loyal American is known as a top Medicare Supplement Insurance provider thanks to their competitive rates and comprehensive coverage. They have earned an A- rating from AM Best and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.




Loyal American Supplement Plan Benefits


Medicare supplement plans help to cover the out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) doesn’t cover on its own. Loyal American offers additional coverage through four supplement offerings: Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Additionally, Loyal American aims to keep monthly premiums competitive while providing coverage of important copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles.


What helps to differentiate Loyal American from other carriers is the value they pass on to customers through their customer programs, membership, and support. When you purchase a Medicare Supplement plan from Loyal American, you receive the following benefits:


  • 30-day free look period
  • Guaranteed renewable for life
  • Portable coverage
  • 12-month rate lock-in
  • Value-added customer programs
  • Cigna 24-hour health information line
  • Silver and Fit gym membership


Loyal American Medicare Supplement Prices


*The above rates are from zip code 90210 in Beverly Hills, CA for females age 65. Rates vary based on zip code, gender, age and, in some areas, health.


  • Plan A: $104.09
  • Plan F: $128.81
  • Plan G: $103.55
  • Plan N: $87.96


Rates are for illustrative purposes and may be subject to change since time of publication.


It’s important to keep in mind that all Medicare supplements are federally standardized. Meaning, they must cover the same exact benefits. This makes shopping around a critical step in the Medicare supplement decision process. Be sure to check out the other important factors that should be driving your Medicare supplement decision.


Medicare Guidance


Supplement Plans Offered by Loyal American


Loyal American offers four different supplement plans: Plan A, Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. These Loyal American Medigap plans help to cover the gaps in coverage left by Original Medicare. Each plan offers the beneficiary a different option for cost and coverage priorities. We’ll discuss the aspects of each plan below to help you understand which supplement best matches your healthcare needs.




Loyal American Medicare Supplement Plan A


Loyal American’s Plan A helps to cover remaining hospital costs once your Part A deductible is met. Additionally, it helps to cover remaining medical service costs once you have met your Part B deductible. Together with Medicare, Plan A covers your first 20 days in a skilled nursing facility and 100% of hospice care. Some important factors to keep in mind with Plan A is that the beneficiary is responsible for all Part B excess charges and all foreign travel healthcare costs.




Loyal American Medicare Supplement Plan F


Loyal American’s Plan F picks up coverage for everything that Original Medicare leaves out. This means that it will help with all your Medicare deductibles and coinsurance payments. It covers both Part A and Part B deductibles, as well as Part B’s excess charges. Thanks to its extensive coverage and low out-of-pocket costs, Plan F has long been a customer favorite. However, the tradeoff with Plan F’s comprehensive coverage of all medical costs is that this plan also carries the highest monthly premium and is prone to rate increases. Additionally, be mindful if you are planning ahead that Plan F is being phased out in 2021.




Loyal American Medicare Supplement Plan G


Loyal American’s Plan G is very similar to Plan F in nearly every way, offering extensive coverage for aspects left uncovered by Original Medicare. The one key difference between the two plans is the Part B deductible. Plan G does not cover it like Plan F does. For this reason, however, Plan G can prove to be a more cost-friendly alternative. While you do have to cover the cost of the Part B deductible in this plan, the premium is lower and may offset the cost. Plan G also tends to experience fewer rate increases compared to Plan F.




Loyal American Medicare Supplement Plan N:


Loyal American’s Plan N coverage shares similarities with Plan G. However, a key difference is that there are copays associated with Plan N, such as a $20 copay for doctor office visits and a copayment for emergency room visits up to $50. Like Plan G, Plan N does not cover the Part B deductible. Due to the possibility of needing to cover more out-of-pocket expenses, Plan N offers a lower monthly premium.




What is the Best Loyal American Supplement Insurance Plan?


As you can see from the plan points above, Loyal American plans vary in their coverage options and monthly premium costs to meet the different needs of its customers. These plans range from completely comprehensive to the more value-driven. Choosing which of these plans is best for you will depend on which aspects of supplement coverage you feel matter most. When weighing your options, also take into account your current lifestyle and health status, as well as financial matters such as costs and budgeting.




When comparing Loyal American Medigap plans, it is important to note that the same basic benefits of each plan are uniform across the country no matter where you purchase your plan. Additionally, these basic benefits are the same from carrier to carrier. So, purchasing Plan F from one insurance company would provide the same coverage as it would purchasing from any other insurance company. However, plan price may differ from state to state.


A licensed agent can help you determine which Loyal American supplement plan best fits your needs. Connect directly with one of our agents to find the plan that’s right for you.


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Medicare Nationwide’s Opinion


Thanks to its strong financial structure and competitive rates we are proud to offer Loyal American Medicare Supplement plans. They offer very attractive rates throughout the country for popular supplement plans. Loyal American also provides its customers with great perks like Silver and Fit programs that offer gym membership and fitness equipment options. They also offer a guaranteed renewable for life, which provides you with policy security knowing that your plan cannot be canceled for as long as you continue to pay your premium. Additionally, being a subsidiary of Cigna, Loyal American enjoys a number of benefits from its parent company. For example, it has the same financial rating as Cigna and shares the same great customer service as any Cigna product.


We love connecting people with the right insurance plans. Learn more about the Loyal American Supplement Insurance Plans by connecting directly with one of our trusted agents.


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Our TakeLoyal American is an A rated carrier by A.M. Best. They have highly competitive rates along with great added benefits like household discounts and gym memberships. We feel confident in offering them to our clients.

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